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When you have knowledge you can see further than you ever thought possible. Our goal is to give you the knowledge so that you get to the top of your own hill! 

Your content is valuable!

Transform unused raw footage into your EVERGREEN, CONTENT LIBRARY.


At the culmination of any creative project, a mountain of raw footage remains. Raw footage is a byproduct of creating a compelling video. Traditionally, any footage that didn't make the cut of the "main" video is simply stored on a drive and rarely used again.


Today, that raw video mountain can be mined into a Content Library of high-quality evergreen content to share in a conversation with your audience, across your social platforms, and store in your accessible on-demand viewing room for your targeted audience.


People are voracious video consumers. In fact, according to a study from New York Magazine, 80% of users will watch streams from a brand vs reading its blog.


Your library of content will help feed the desires of your community and keep them coming back to you as the trusted source of compelling and informative video content. From your library, we can distill quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily evergreen video content that will help you engage and maintain a higher level of community engagement, conversation and involvement. 


The curated, on-brand Content Library of high-quality video becomes an evergreen resource for your marketing team to perform at the top of their craft in facilitating engaging conversations online and building community throughout the life of the organization.


Each time the organization invests in video creation, the Content Library grows in its wealth which becomes a tool the organization can utilize to align and share their vision for community throughout the years while allowing their community to enjoy the richness of on-demand viewing.

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